ARC 24/7 Care is continually building strong partnerships with healthcare clients

We can help you by identifying the best facilities for your career:

Facilities include public and private hospitals, community care centres, disability service organisations, nursing homes and residential facilities (both short and long term).

In every case, our clients trust our trained, capable, high quality candidates and welcome them into the team.

Perfect roles, perfect fit

These roles are perfect for fitting in with your availability if you are studying, traveling, or have other responsibilities. They might also be the opportunity to get your foot in the door of a future permanent role.

Casual employment is also financially rewarding and allows you to be paid weekly, as long as you have submitted your timesheets

We are constantly exploring for new opportunities for all our staff.

Do you want casual care positions in healthcare facilities of all shapes and sizes?

Your health and safety

We take work, health and safety very seriously. Therefore we will conduct a health and safety review of every workplace, regardless of how long the job will last.

Each quarter, we provide mandatory training for staff in topics including: infection control, health & safety, administering medications, peg feeding, policies and procedures, diabetes management, epilepsy and critical intervention (challenging behaviors).

ARC Training RTO # 91007

Having our own RTO (Arc Training RTO91007) means that we can assist you in obtaining the right qualification. We also have access to different government subsidies which you might be eligible for. If you are interested in obtaining up-to-date qualifications.

“The level of service provided by my ARC consultant has been above what I expected. They are very friendly people. The staff are really very nice. They are giving me ample hours of work. Sometimes I have to drive for a while. But good hours! The staff send me times and shift care plans are helpful too. They are responsive and supportive”

Debra Cherry - Disability Support Carer

What role does ARC play

We provide a number of services to make your career development easy:

  • maintain all of your employment and training records
  • monitoring your employment conditions and pay rates
  • the preparation and payment of weekly wages
  • maintaining all leave accrual and entitlements
  • working together with your host employer to make sure you are getting the most out of your training
  • providing a support network for you outside of your workplace
  • helping to coordinate all of your on-the-job training.